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Fully Customisable & Brandable

Create a branded custom space unique for your event, StreamRooms allows you to brand every aspect on the site to make it your own. We support custom domains giving your event a more unique feel

Multiple Stages

Host live content on multiple stages at the same time. StreamRooms is the perfect venue for any event which has different content happening at the same time. Perfect for festivals, education, conferences and sport.

Video On Demand

Upload material for your guests to view before, after or during your event. Tag and categorise your content so your guests can easily find the right content for them

Break Out Rooms

Host video breakout rooms during your event, StreamRooms can host multiple breakouts during your event, all accessed directly from your event platform

Pre BETA Registration now open

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Any Size Events

Host events of any size, StreamRooms gives you the flexibility to host events from 10 to 200,000 guests


Use StreamRooms’s content delivery network to process and deliver your stream or embed popular services such as YouTube, Vimeo or Custom location using our players.

Sponsors Pages

Give your sponsors a a custom page to show off their products or services with downloadable content and VOD

Optional Guest Registration

Add your users via CSV, or use our custom registration page. We can integrate with your existing site to sync users. Contact us for more information

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